Fröhlich & Partners

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Fröhlich & Partners, a law firm, was established in 2017 and consists of a team of experienced attorneys. Fröhlich & Partners is building on the many-year practise of law of its founding members.

Attorneys of Fröhlich & Partners are knowledgeable experts on various areas of law, including commercial law, civil law, energy law, real estate law, intellectual property law and labour law, engaged in representation in courts or arbitration proceedings and in contract matters or elaboration of legal analyses and opinions. All the attorneys have gained vast experience of provision of legal services in German and English languages, too, as they have been providing legal services to foreign clients for a long time.

For our legal services to our clients, we also engage a lot of external experts, especially cooperating attorneys, patent attorneys, insolvency trustees, distrainors, translators, notaries, auditors and tax advisors.